Apr 25, 2024

The Eden Project: Creating a New River

How about transporting water from the mouth of the Amazon River (above the salinity line) across the Atlantic Ocean to a machine-excavated riverbed that would eventually traverse the African Sahel from Mauritania to the Red Sea.

Reviving the Sahel with Amazon Waters: A Grand Vision

Unleashing the Power of Large-Diameter Tubing and Solar Energy


In a world facing the imminent threats of desertification, global warming, and the need for sustainable solutions, an audacious idea emerges - the transportation of water from the Amazon River to revive the arid landscapes of the African Sahel. This visionary project seeks to harness cutting-edge technologies and a monumental ambition to transform the lives of millions while mitigating environmental challenges.

Imagine a colossal network of large-diameter flexible tubing stretching from the mouth of the Amazon River, high above the salinity line, embarking on a trans-Atlantic journey to Mauritania's coast. This mammoth pipeline would serve as a lifeline, replenishing a man-made riverbed that traverses the Sahel, from Mauritania to the Red Sea.

Recent advancements in flexible tubing for deep-sea applications and earth-moving machinery capable of shifting over 75,000 cubic meters of earth daily have set the stage for this audacious endeavor. But how can we overcome the formidable challenges of the Atlantic Ocean's unpredictable forces?

Beneath the Ocean's Surface: A Solution to Wind and Currents

Deep-sea flotation of the flexible pipeline and anchoring it to the ocean floor with cables could circumvent the surface obstacles posed by wind and currents. This innovative approach ensures a stable and consistent flow of water.

Solar-Powered Pumps: Sustaining the Sahel River

Harnessing the abundant solar energy on the Mauritanian coast, massive pumps could be strategically placed to keep the river flowing. This sustainable energy source aligns perfectly with the project's commitment to eco-friendly solutions.

The Sahel's Green Renaissance: Sustainable Agriculture and Reforestation

Fostering Agricultural Economies and Carbon Reduction

With the revitalized river irrigating fast-growing vegetation, the Sahel could embrace sustainable agricultural economies, breathing life into regions currently threatened by desertification. Additionally, planting trees along the riverbanks initiates a crucial reforestation effort, countering carbon dioxide emissions.

A Vision Realized: Defying the Skeptics

Lessons from the Grand Canal

While the magnitude of this undertaking may seem daunting, history reminds us of similar grand endeavors. Consider the Grand Canal in China, a colossal feat completed over centuries with minimal technology. If the past can inspire such monumental achievements, why not channel our collective will and knowledge into revitalizing the Sahel?

In this grand vision, we find hope for combating desertification, global warming, and unemployment while offering sustainable solutions to regions desperately in need. The Amazon to Sahel pipeline represents a daring leap towards a more promising future for our planet.