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Objectivity, an open-source font from Alex Slobzheninov's Behance. You can download and view the font license on this page.


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"Arid Earth," photographer unlisted.

"Desert Scrub Land," photographer unlisted.

Licensed under the Unsplash License.

"Desert under white sky during daytime," by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Mark Dimmit

Courtesy of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum site.

"Chihuahuan Desert," by Mark Dimmit

Wikimedia Commons

Licensed by, offered to the Public Domain per Terms of Use, CC0

"World Map Geographical (drab)," by


Licensed under the public domain.

Satellite Capture, Cropped
Courtesy of NASA

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"Great Green Wall Diagram," by How About This

"Eden Project Pipeline Concept," by How About This

"Sustainable Oasis Process," by How About This

"Sustainable Oasis Visualization," by How About This

"Condensation Trough Detail View" by How About This


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"River Brue," unknown.